Smile! What I really love about Bali is the Balinese smile! Balinese people don’t only laugh because they are friendly or to be polite, they also laugh when they are driving on a scooter. That just makes me happy!


Temples are everywhere


Bali is the island of the gods. Where ever you are on Bali, there are temples everywhere. There are beautiful temples like Besakih, Tanah Lot or Tirta Empul where the Balinese go to clean themselves. On top of that, every family has his own temple at home.

It is always time for prayers


The Hindi religion plays a major role in the life of the Balinese. Every day offers are made and life is planned around the many ceremonies that take place for several different reasons.


Life in Bali is colourful


Bali is also the island of the flowers. Bali is a fertile island, and due to the tropical climate all year round everything is flourishing. Amazing! But it isn’t only the flowers that make Bali so colourful, also the small offerings that you encounter everywhere. And of course the overwhelming amount of fruits: papaya, snake fruit, dragon fruit and delicious strawberries.


Rice paddies


Bali is obviously known for its beautiful scenic views over the rice paddies. It is concerning however that more and more ricepaddies are dissapearing because houses or hotels are being built.



More healthy and hydrating than water, it is said. But above all, very tasteful. Coconuts are available everywhere. The top is being chopped off, a straw is added and enjoy your drink. Pure natural!




On every street corner you can have a relaxing massage or get your nails done. A real good recommendation for massages is Karsa spa in Ubud. A very relaxing place in the middle of rice paddies. The only way to access the place is by walking over the Campuhan ridge, while enjoying a spectacular view.



You never need to wait a long time for a good wave in Bali. Same like the temples, they are everywhere. This leads to an invasion of surfers from all around the world to Bali to catch some swells.


Nasi Bungkus


In Bali you can get any food you think of. But my absolute favorite is nasi campur: rice combined with all kind of Balinese dishes. For a little more than one Euro you may enjoy a delicious and tasteful meal that is sold on every street corner. You may wrap it up in a piece of paper to take it away, which is called nasi bungkus.


And much more


This is just a small insight what makes Bali special. It really is an amazing island.

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