For the Western tourist Bali seems one happy island. A lot op people don’t know that there still is a lot of poverty on Bali, just around the corner of the fancy hotels. Salaries for local people are low and not everyone is able to keep their heads above water. We work with craftsmen who try to build a better life. And we love to support them!

Men on Bali have big responsibilities for their family and for their banjar, neighborhood. With the money they urn, they first of all have to support their family, their parents and grandparents. Apart form that a great part of their salary is ceded to the community, banjar, to finance ceremonies and other festivities.

Therefore, a steady income is very important. We reward the work that our craftmen accomplidh for us with a good salary. But that is not all..

We are not only trying to provide tour people with an income, but work together with them to improve their confidence and with that a new goal in their lives.


We coach them on how to build a business and how to deal with Western clients. While giving them more resonsibilities regarding deadlines, quality checks etc. their knowledge and confidence grows. We are proud of our team!

For us this is an additional motivation to make¬†madumadu a successful company. It is amazing to see that you really can make a difference in someone else’s life. With every product we sell, we support a lot of families on Bali!

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