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Ceramics Bali Fish white big



Ceramics on Bali is beautiful! You just have to take a look at our Ceramics Bali Fish; a super ceramics wallhanging. FA combination of frosted and shiny ceramics in two colours. There is a grey fish with dark shiny scales. There also is a white fish with offwhite scales.  Both colours are available in two sizes. A great set if you combine a big and a smaller one next  to each other.

But also nice to just hang 1 fish; in your kitchen for instance!


Ceramics Bali Fish

The ceramics bali fish of madumadu is a very beautiful fish. A wall fish actually 😉 You can see that it is handmade. The mix of frosted ceramics and shiny scales makes it quite special.

We love mixen different materials. Therefore this fish has a nice mala of cotton and natural beads.

The ceramics bali fish is available in two sizes; a big one and a small one. Both sizes are available in grey with dark scales and in white with offwhite scales.

Ceramics on Bali.

The ceramics fish is one of the great examples of ceramics on Bali. Dishes, pottery, bowls; you can find a lot of craftsmanship and a great variety of factories all over Bali.

Madumadu designs and produces all items herself. Therefore, we can make things that are slightly different from the main offer.  Such as ceramics wallhangings.  Next to the fishes, we sell ceramics feathers and cramics lucky coins as well.

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