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Ceramics wall jewelry lucky coin black



This necklace with a ceramics lucky coin is special. A beauty hat’s for sure. But its meaning makes it even more special. The lucky coin is a Chinese coin and brings good fortune to your family, home, health and finances. Asuper gift for someone who can use some extra luck!  This wall jewel is approximately 75cm long. The ceramics lucky coin has a crosscut of 5cm. This necklace is available in two colours: a white/naturel one and a black one.

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Ceramics Wall jewelry lucky coin

De ceramics wall jewelry lucky coin is made by madumadu and is available in two coulours, We have a white/natural necklace and a black one.

Good fortune

The lucky coin originally comes from China and brings good fortune. The lucky coin stands for wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

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Dimensions 75 x 5 cm
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