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Love Mala naturel mix



The heart is made of high-quality teak wood. The mala is made of wooden beads. Mala means Buddhist necklace. All products are made with love and are handmade. Each product is unique! This means that the color of the wood grain and each product may vary.


The wooden heart living chain

residential chain

The wooden heart living chain, our love mala natural, is one of our many love mala’s. Our hearts have different sizes and there are also several mala’s. Mala means Buddhist chain. There are wooden hearts with different color beads. There are also hearts with a macrame cord or knotted rope (tali).

The love grinders are in the following colors: love mala natural, love mala white, love mala black, love mala dark gray, love mala coconut, love mala Bali blue and love mala natural mix.

We have small hearts, XS love mala, with macramé cord. This is in native and black.

Then there’s another XXS love male with natural or black beads.

residential trends

Residential chains are often seen in interiors. The madumadu residential chain is distinguished by its quality and appearance. The wooden heart is made of high-quality teak wood and is completely handmade. The beads are big and beautiful.

And of course, the size of this housing chain is also remarkable! The heart is big, 32 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters long. The mala chain is 130 centimeters long (ie, 65 cm between heart and nails in the wall). This fine wooden heart is a real eye-catcher on your wall by quality and size!

This heart fits very beautiful in a white, natural and black interior. If you are looking for white living, both living, Scandinavian living or black and white living on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve already seen this madamadu residential chain!

handmade and fair made

All madumadu products are made with love and handmade. We produce in Bali and think carefully about how and where we make our wall decoration. The living chains are made by professionals with love for wood.

Every product is made with care, attention, and love. This means we do not produce masses but make unique pieces. They are handmade wooden hearts, each heart is a bit different. The color and timber of each product may differ. So your love mala is unique!

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