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The OM sign, also known als OHM or AUM sign is one of the most famous spiritual symbols.

This symbol is often used during yoga and meditation. OM, or Ohm, stands for the first sounds of breath. It also stands for innerpeace and balance.

The OM sign of madumadu is handmade and fairmade. You can use it during meditation and yoga, but of course it is a beautiful homeaccessorie or wallhanging as well!

The size is 13,5 x 14,5 centimeters. The sign is available in two colours; with a naturel or with a black mala (buddhist chain).

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OM sign by madumadu


OM sign is one of the most well-known spiritual symbols. OM is also written as Aum or Ohm.

OM stands for the first sounds of breath and is a secular symbol OM stands for innerpeace and balance as well.

It is often the first sound or beginning  of a mantra. A mantra is mostly used during meditations and yogaclasses. The idea is that the continuous repetition of a mantra leads to deeper meditation and innerpeace.


madumadu produces all her items on Bali. Bali is one the most famous spiritual islands of the world. From all over the world people are coming to visit temples and sacred places. Lots of those people come and visit Bali to find more innerpeace or to take a break from the western lifestyle.

On Bali you will find lots a different ways to practise yoga, meditation and massages.  The OM sign is therefore a symbol that matches perfect with Bali and madumadu.

madumadu stands for honest and responsible entrepeneurship. Innerpeace and balance is important to us and to our people.

OM sign, OM teken

The OM sign of madumadu remember you to your own state of mind. Do you feel innerpeace or are you out of balance?

You can use our sign during yoga and meditation. Of course it is also possible to use our sign just as a wall hanging or decoration item.

Our sign is 13,5 centimer long and had a width of 14,5 centimer. It comes together with a beautiful mala (buddhist chain). This mala has a tassel, like the official mala’s have.

Both the sign and the mala are handmade. This means that every item can differ a bit. Your Om sign is therefore unique!

The Om sign is fairmade as well: by purchasing one, you support our people on Bali.

The sign is available in two colours; naturel and black.

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