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The palmtree by madumadu is just an amazing piece of woodcarving. Quality is very important to us and that is easily discovered when you take a look at this palm tree.

The details of the leafs, the size of this item and the quality of the wood to make this item a real eye-catcher!

Our palm tree is handmade and fair made. With a madumadu purchase, you do good; lots of families in Bali are supported by us. Thank you!

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Palmtree by madumadu

This palm tree by madumadu is a beautiful, handmade item.  It is made in Bali. The material it is made of, is Albesia wood.  This material is the perfect wood for woodcarving. The woodcarving for madumadu is done by one of the best craftsmen in Bali. He is a real artist. When you look at the details, you can see that clearly. The details of the leafs are just stunning. The palmtree is a perfect match with a interior with a bohemian style. He also fits well in a ‘green’ interior with lots of plants, botanical elements enprints.

Our palm tree is available in two sizes. The one you see now is the smaller one with a crosscut of 21 cm, It has a mala (chain of beads) with natural beads. The bigger one has a crosscut of 35cm and is without mala.

Palmtree and tropical elements

  • palmtree

A palm tree reminds you of holidays, freedom, white beaches and a nice breeze. Not surprising you see a lot of palm trees and other tropical elements in our interior at the moment! You can spot them on posters, cushions, prints, clothing and more! Like feathers and botanical prints, you see a lot of ethnic and tribal elements right now.  These bohemian and botanical accents do make your Scandinavian interior look up to date!

  • trend

The trends for this season are green, green, green! We already saw ethnic and tribal elements for a while, but you are challenged to do this even more! Loads of wooden items, together with plants and green. The mix of black, white, green and wood is just perfect! Our palm tree is a perfect item to make your home more botanical, bohemian and up to date.

  • fair-made

Our craftsmen in Bali do earn a good salary with their work for maduamdu. Besides that, they now own a growing company themselves. With this work, they can provide their families and Bandung with enough food for the month. It is really special to see that their work for madumadu gives them more responsibility and self-esteem. Having responsibilities and being part of the madumadu team means so much more than just making a living. Our craftsmen have grown a lot, literally and figuratively. We are so proud!

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