Once upon a time.. The beginning of a fairy tale may be a little over the top, but the start of madumadu is for sure a beautiful story!

Linda en Jorinde have met each other during their study years in Groningen in 1992. Today they are friends over 23 years, they gained more life experience, gave birth to 7 children, live in 2 different countries and have had a couple of careers.

Linda lives and works with her husband and 4 daughters in Bali, Indonesia. Jorinde lives and works with her husband, her 1 daughter and 2 sons in the Hague in the Netherlands.

After having traveled around the world in 1997, Linda and Jorinde write their first business plan for a company together. However it never came into actual action.

Until Jorinde decides to visit Linda in Bali in March 2015. A full week of inspiration, yoga, massages and delicious food.


On a regular afternoon the idea pops up from the sky: driving around on a motorbike the ladies discover some great materials and inspiring examples of home accessories.


Would this be the moment? Yes it is!


In July 2015 madumadu has become reality and the first container is on the way to the Netherlands. And they lived happily ever after..

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