Here comes the fun

Blond Ambition

Once upon a time.. The beginning of a fairy tale may be a little over the top, but the start of madumadu is for sure a beautiful story! Read more..

Fair Made

madumadu produces fairmade by not only offering our people a good salary, but coaching them as well. Together we build  a better future. Read more..


madumadu proudly presents… the people behind madumadu! The beautiful products you see on our website is the result of months of development and production. Read more..


Smile! What I really love about Bali is the Balinese smile! Balinese people don’t only laugh because they are friendly or tob e polite, they also laugh when they are driving on a scooter. Read more..

Just Bead it

The children of the Bali Life mothers are having tough lives. If their mothers can’t work for one of the Bali Life projects, the kids join their mothers to beg on the streets. Read more..

Lovely & Peaceful Places

We love great places; A place where everything comes together, where you enjoy yourself, get your inspiration and a place you’d love to tell others about. Read more..