Our Story

Love & Peace

Our products ‘feel good’. madumadu stands for pure, robust and ‘the good life’. Our wallhangings will give you a positive feeling with a wink!


We are using the best what Bali has to offer: craftsmanship, beautiful materials and the real Bali ‘spirit’. All our products are handmade. Every product is unique!

Fair Made

We produce with “heart and soul” and therefore are proud to be able to tell you that our items are fairmade. Besides receiving a good salary for their work, we coach our people. How do you build your company, how do you make sure you get sufficient orders and how do you manage deadlines and other requirements of customers? Read more…


Madu literally means ‘honey’. Our logo is a combination of a honeycomb and a woodgrain. madumadu also means ‘honeys’ and that is obviously referring to us. Friends since 1992 and it is very exciting to work together on madumadu now! Enjoy! Sampai Jumpa! (what means goodbye in Balinese!)